Reeva Aroma Hair & Scalp Massage (35mins) £33.00
Course of 3 treatments: £93.00

A therapeutic scalp massage with warm aromatic hair treatment oils to condition and treat scalp/hair and relax your mind, taking away tension from the head and eyes. Includes scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

Indian Head Massage (45mins) £42.00

Head and neck massage designed to improve circulation and relieve mental stress and strains. Aids concentration, brightens tired eyes and strengthens scalp and hair. Lie back to the touch of rhythmic finger movements that massage the scalp and gradually move down the neck and shoulder.

Reeva’s Massage Mania (2hrs 30mins) £84.00

A discounted package for those who want the ultimate in massage therapy that includes:

  • Relaxing Foot Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Head and Shoulder Massage
  • Facial Massage (includes a Facial Masque)

Natural Therapies

Reeva's specially created Body and Face Treatments include the use of oils, essences, herbs and natural ingredients combined with the skills of our caring therapists who will take you on a journey to escape the stresses of everyday life, relaxing your mind and emotions. All our treatments awaken the senses, relax the stressed, stimulate the tired and energise the exhausted.

Reeva’s Body Smooth Polishes

Body polishes are suitable for “hard to reach areas” like the back, shoulders, elbows, knees etc. They provide a glow to all skin types and increase blood circulation, leaving your skin in optimum condition whatever the time of year. Unlike other scrubs these polish treatments also pamper and ease the spirit, it is not to be rushed. Treatments are suitable for pre and post pregnancy.

Rosemary & Sea Salt Polish: full body (allow 40 minutes) £36.00
Course of 5, get 2 FREE!

Natural sea salt and rosemary herbs combined with a blend of invigorating mandarin essential oils and pure seed oils. A perfect pre-body treatment, leaving your skin smooth and smelling perfect, ensuring glowing skin all year round. Suitable for pregnancy. Includes a massage application of a rich body cream customised with fragrant essences.

Swedish/Aroma Full Body Massage (1hr) £47.00

A gentle, relaxing full body massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils to reduce aches and pains or stimulate, detoxify, calm or revitalise the mind body and spirit.A very popular Reeva treatment.

Aroma Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (30mins) £37.00

A relaxing massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils to reduce aches and pains of the back or to stimulate, detoxify, calm or revitalise the mind body and spirit.

Swedish Back Neck and Shoulder (30mins) £37.00

A vigorous massage that tones and firms the muscles and deeply relaxes the mind.To increase blood and lymphatic circulation and elimination of waste products from deep muscular tissues.

Swedish Full Body Massage
(1hr) £47.00

Oatmeal, Lavender & Rose Water Polish: full body (allow 40 minutes) £36.00
Course of 5, get 2 FREE!

An exfoliator with a difference, this gentle polish is applied sparingly to a dry skin then removed using brisk strokes. Stimulating lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins and buffing away dead skin cells. The soothing oatmeal and oils help “sun touched” skins which makes it especially good after holidays. A great polish for delicate skin types, younger ladies and children. Includes a massage application of a rich body cream customised with fragrant essences.

Rice Bran & Lavender Polish (allow 40 minutes) £36.00
Course of 5, get 2 FREE!

A natural body polish combined with lavender and rosewater designed to brighten and clarify the skin, particularly useful for dull skin, pigmentation, and sun spots. Used on a regular basis this polish will help to tighten pores and add life to your skin. This polish is allowed to dry and then removed with brisk rhythmic strokes. Includes a massage application of a Body Cream customised with fragrant lavender essence.

Reeva’s Fragrant Body Wraps

All Reeva body wrap treatments include the offer of a deeply relaxing scalp massage whilst the body masque repairs and soothes.
You may add any Reeva Polish treatments to these body wraps for only: £31.00
OR add a Reeva Aroma Facial for only: £33.00

Our therapist is all yours…

Sea Weed Body Mud Wrap £40.00 (45 minutes of Indulgence)

A beautiful rich sea weed clay mud treatment combined with oils of Ylang Ylang and Rose water to help release tensions of the mind and body, fluidity, and recharge the body, leaving the skin smooth and fragrant, this treatment is revitalising and also detoxifying.

Cream Cocoon Body Wrap £40.00 (45 minutes of Pleasure)

A beautiful rich aromatic cream masque which is sensual and relaxing on the mind and emotions, this treatment of aloe vera gel, a rich cream mask, lemon and lavender oils will calm tension, lift negativity, and improve the mood. Your skin will be drenched with moisture leaving it smooth and radiant.

Tired Leg Treatment
- Single treatment: £37.00
- Course of 6 treatments: £180.00

A lymphatic leg massage using active products to improve poor circulation, fluid retention, relieve tired feet, heavy legs or bad circulation and recommended to relieve arthritic pain, or suitable pre & post pregnancy. Great for mums, gardeners or sporty types.

Reflexology Foot Massage
(1hr) £43.00
Course of 5, get 6th FREE!

An ancient technique for foot relief grown from the understanding that every part of our faithful pair of feet corresponds to another part of our body making the feet a key healing zone. Research indicates that the reflex zones of the feet affect the levels of stress, wellness and energy in the body. The outcome: complete relaxation of body, mind and spirit and a feeling of overall wellness. (A course of 6 treatments is recommended to achieve healing benefits of this remarkable treatment.)

Hot Stone Massage Therapy
(60mins) £55.00
(30mins) £41.00

Hot stones with fragrant oils are placed on the energy points of the body. The stones are used to massage these areas using deep tissue therapy, giving a soothing, yet deep and profoundly relaxing treatment. An ancient healing art using volcanic stones.