Manicures & Pedicures

Manicures & Pedicures


Reeva Manicure with Paraffin £27.00

Nailtiques' successful treatment products are used to specifically address different skin and nail conditions with lasting results. A truly therapeutic manicure with a heated masque treatment for maintaining healthy nails and moisturised hands.A very effective nail treatment.

Nailtiques Manicure £23.00

Using treatment products to tidy cuticles, file nails, massage hands and varnish with nail proteins. Includes nail health consultation and home care recommendations.

File and Re-Varnish
£15.00 (30mins)
(Fingers or Toes)

File the nails, push the cuticle back, moisturise the hands, and finish by painting the nails with colour of your choice

Colour or French Manicure
£28.00 (45mins)

The treatment consists of: filing the nails, soak and cuticle tidied and lower arms massage with Nailtiques hands and nails conditioner and finally your nails are painted either with colour of your choice, or with the natural pink base nails with white tips.

Colour Paraffin Manicure
£31.00 (60mins)

As above, but also includes a gentle exfoliating paraffin mask.


Regular Pedicure £29.00

Using therapeutic products to soak the feet, tidy cuticles, remove hard skin, provide a healing foot to knee massage and varnish of toe nails with fashion colours.

Reeva’s Paraffin Pedicure £33.00

A foot and nail treatment that includes a gentle exfoliating paraffin mask, then a foaming foot soak, a foot massage. This is a hydrating treatment, great for softening hard skin and pampering for the feet. Includes application of fashion colour varnish or French colour.