Aroma Facial (1hr) £43.00

Using natural essential oils well known for their wonderful effects on the skin and your well being. Essential oils are carefully selected for their beneficial properties, using a combination of aromatic oils for your deep facial massage and cleansing of your skin together with a skin exfoliation and a hydrating face mask that will drench your skin with moisture, leaving your skin radiant and cared for.

Deep Cleansing Facial, Dermalogica (1hr 15mins) £49.00
Course of 3: £125.00

Includes a gentle hydroxy enzyme peel to reveal smooth glowing skin using steamer or hot towel, followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage to ease your mind and spirit. A revitalising masque is applied to help penetrate the ingredients into your skin. A nutrient rich moisturiser will hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of your skin.

Delicate Soothing Facial (1hr 10mins) £47.00

Dedicated to fragile, sensitive skin, this marine based facial treatment soothes and wraps the skin in a cocoon of creams coupled with a soothing massage. The hypo-allergenic ingredients protect, repair and strengthen fragile skin.

Multi-vitamin Regenerative Facial, Dermalogica (1hr) £49.00
Course of 5: £230.00

The latest in advanced vitamin repair and deep exfoliation. Designed to treat environmentally challenged skin and skin of pre and post pregnancy, this treatment includes a non-irratiting vitamin treatment to improve skin elasticity, texture and reverse the signs of premature ageing. A reflex massage of the hands or feet is included in this treatment.

Back Cleansing Treatment (45mins) £45.00
Course of 5: £219.00 special price, plus get one treatment FREE!

This relaxing back cleansing begins with deep cleansing of the back to remove excess oil, congestion, blemishes and dead skin cells, followed by exfoliation using a natural body polish. A stress relieving massage with essential oils is used to eliminate fatigue, and a drawing masque to leave your skin radiant and your mind relaxed.


Revitalise Eye Treatment (1hr) £33.00
(with Facial) £29.00

Put the sparkle back into your eyes with this revitalizing algo marine specific eye treatment which is designed to remove puffiness, soothe and firm the vulnerable eye area. Helps to reduce fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Reeva’s Luxury Lift (75mins) £75.00

Includes micro dermabrasion skin exfoliation and full face lift with collagen masque. (We recommend this treatment as your regular monthly maintenance.)

Non-Surgical Face Lift (single treatment) £64.00
Course of 10, get 2 FREE: £640.00

The Ultimate Non Surgical Face Lift (includes pure Collagen & Gold Masque). Hailed as the most advanced and effective non-surgical face lift machine available. Used by celebrities throughout the world, Bio-Therapeutic Ultimate will re-educate facial muscles, tone and lift facial contours, reduce age lines, even out skin tone and stimulate cell renewal resulting in a healthier, more youthful appearance. Also used as a preventative treatment, visible results can be seen after one treatment. (A course of 12 treatments is recommended).

Age Smart Facial Treatment Dermalogica (1hr 15mins) £51.99

New age smart revolutionary products and facial intensifies skin smoothing, hydrates, firms and regenerates dull, ageing skin. This facial specifically targets and controls the main triggers that lead to skin ageing. A highly acclaimed facial worldwide.